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Learning All About Painting Your Home

Details To Know About Basement Remodeling When Planning Your Project

by Terry Fernandez

If your basement is a damp and neglected space, consider remodeling it so you can use the space as a family room, bedroom, or office. A basement remodeling project has several important steps, so you'll probably want to work with a remodeling contractor to plan the project, obtain the permit, and do the work. Here are important details about basement remodeling to know before you start.

You May Need Waterproofing Done First

You don't want to spend money renovating the basement and putting in furniture and flooring only to have it all ruined by a flooded basement. It's a good idea to ensure your basement is properly waterproofed before you being the remodeling project. If you have a newer home, it may already be waterproofed. If your basement floor ever gets wet when it rains hard, that's a sign you need to have interior or exterior waterproofing done.

The Basement Must Meet Codes Regarding Height

Several building codes apply to basement remodeling projects. Your remodeling contractor is aware of these and takes them into consideration during the planning phase. One requirement you might not know about is that the room may have to meet a specific minimum height. This may not be a problem unless you live in an old house that has a lower ceiling in the basement.

Plus, measurements are taken from the floor to the ceiling materials which would be under pipes, and that affects the height of the room. A basement remodeling contractor knows how to approach this problem. They may need to excavate the floor or raise the ceiling to meet height requirements.

An Egress Option Is Required

Your basement remodeling contractor may need to add a window or door to your basement to create an egress option. This ensures you have a way to escape other than the stairs. If you plan to make a bedroom in the basement, the egress window has to be in the bedroom. This could affect how to plan out your renovation, and it will affect the cost too.

You May Want Water-Resistant Materials In The Basement

If you have your basement waterproofed, run a dehumidifier, and put a vapor barrier on the floor, problems with water and dampness shouldn't be a big issue. However, since the basement is under the ground, water or water vapor could potentially get inside and ruin the flooring.

That's why it's important to choose waterproof or water-resistant flooring so it won't be damaged by moisture. A good option to consider is vinyl planks or tiles. You probably won't want solid wood or carpet. For more information on basement remodeling, contact a professional near you.