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Learning All About Painting Your Home

Address Damage To A Commercial Overhead Door

by Terry Fernandez

A vehicular impact that has resulted in damage to a commercial overhead door could make it difficult or impossible for your warehousing staff to use the door during normal business operations. A general contractor who provides comprehensive door services will inspect and remedy any existing problems.

The Roller Assembly And Track System

Overhead doors contain a roller assembly and a track system. The impact that a vehicle makes when coming into contact with a door could damage the rollers or the track system. A common issue that pertains to the rollers and track involves parts becoming misaligned. If the track system, for instance, becomes misaligned, the rollers won't be able to move seamlessly up and down the track.

A contractor will visually inspect both sides of an overhead door. They will assess the track for signs of damage. If any of the parts that comprise the track are warped, a contractor may need to remove the hardware that is attached to the track system.

Severe bends in a track system may necessitate that entire parts of the track are replaced. The roller assembly will be inspected separately. A contractor will ensure that the rollers move straight when they are moved along the track system. Cleaning the rollers may be conducted if the roller wheels have any debris stuck on them.

Springs And Door Panels

The springs provide tension as an overhead door is being lifted or lowered. Improperly working springs could impede the door's ability to open and close. If the springs are severely damaged, the door may not be as stable as it once was. A contractor will assess the springs and make any necessary adjustments to them. Misshapen springs will likely need to be repaired with new ones.

A contractor will assess the exterior and interior sides of each door panel that comprises an overhead door. The impact of a vehicle could result in cracks or dents forming in one or more panels. Damage to the panels could affect the manner in which the overhead door operates.

If damage is severe, air could filter through the damaged door panels. This type of problem could affect the indoor air temperature within your facility. A qualified contractor will be able to repair minor damage to each door panel. If any of the panels are severely damaged, a contractor may advise that the panels are removed and that new ones are used as replacements.

Reach out to an overhead door repair technician to learn more.