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Learning All About Painting Your Home

How To Get The Most From The Storm Damage Repair Process

by Terry Fernandez

No one wants to be staring at storm damage repair needs in their home. However, if you need to call in a storm damage restoration contractor, you will want to at least get the most possible from the process. To ensure repairing your home after a storm will go as smoothly and quickly as possible, follow these three tips.

Find Your Insurance Policy

Do not simply dig out the contact information for your insurer. Get a copy of the policy and check it to ensure you have storm coverage. Verify what the deductibles are likely to be so you can plan accordingly. Contact your insurer and tell them what has happened so you can begin the process.

If you're self-insured, don't panic. There are still going to be storm damage repair options. Depending on the circumstances, there may even be government relief money available to cover the costs. However, if you can afford to pay out of pocket to start the process, that will generally speed things up.

Take Photos

Documenting the damage as soon as possible after the storm will help the process in several ways. First, photos can support an insurance claim. Second, you can send digital images to contractors so they can get a sense of the extent of the damage before they even visit your place. Third, you might need to document the damage if you intend to apply for relief money.

In every instance, contemporaneous images are best. As soon as you can safely walk around the house without encountering things like downed electrical lines or deep water, do so. If you can safely enter the home, take pictures from the inside, too.

Contact a Contractor ASAP

Especially if there has been widespread damage to other homes in your area, demand for repair services may be high. Contact a storm damage restoration contractor as soon as you suspect you're going to need assistance with repairing your place. Tell them where your home is located and what happened. If they ask for pictures, be ready to send them copies of your photos.

Bear in mind that a storm damage repair company won't be able to give you an estimate until they've seen the situation first-hand. They may also have to wait for the green light from an insurer, and that might entail waiting for a claims adjuster to visit your place. Make sure you keep the contractor in the loop, though, so you can tell them to start work as soon as the insurance company approves the work.

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