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Learning All About Painting Your Home

Turn A Half Bath Into A Full Bathroom With Strategical Remodeling

by Terry Fernandez

Owning a home with one or two full bathrooms may satisfy most of your family's needs. But, your house may also have a half bath that does not get much use on a regular basis. After careful analysis, you may conclude that a lack of essential features is why the room is not used often.

Even if the room is not as large as your full bathrooms, you can look forward to transforming the half bath into a full one when you are able to invest in strategical remodeling.

Corner Shower

Fitting a shower with a standard design in the bathroom may not be a viable option. To fit in this feature without expanding the room, you should make plans to install a corner shower. This will allow you to use an often-underutilized part of the bathroom to fit in an important feature.

The great thing about a corner shower in a small bathroom is that your family members only need enough space to turn around comfortably while showering. Fortunately, you can take measurements by testing out how much space your family needs in one of the existing showers.

Deep Bathtub

When you want to get cleaned up for the day, you may find that taking a shower is more effective than a bathtub. However, you may know that your family enjoys baths for the warmth and relaxation that they can provide. Even though you may be working with a small bathroom, you should make it a top priority to install a bathtub that your family will feel excited about using regularly.

While working with a small bathroom, you should opt for a deep tub that makes it possible for you to submerge your body into the water completely and easily. A remodeling company can help you figure out where you should install the deep bathtub to use up space optimally.

Narrow Vanity

A wide vanity is something that you may love having in your other bathrooms because they can provide so much counter space and cabinet storage. However, you are better off getting a narrow vanity in a small bathroom to reduce how much the vanity sticks out from the wall. As long as you stick with only the essentials, you should still be able to store everything that you need.

If you want to turn your half bath into a full bathroom, you can implement these strategies with help from remodelers to accomplish your goal.

To learn more, contact a bathroom remodeling contractor.