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Learning All About Painting Your Home

Tips To Help You Prepare And Have Your Home Roof Replaced

by Terry Fernandez

Replacing your home's roof is a necessary task that is going to need your attention as your home's shingles age. Roofing shingles made of asphalt are one of the most commonly installed types of shingles for homes because of them being a more affordable roofing option. So, when it comes time to replace your asphalt shingles, it is good to be ready with prep work you can complete and other tasks to get your home and yard ready. To prepare for your roof's shingle replacement, here are some recommendations and tips to help you prepare for this essential update to your home.

Prepare Your Yard

Once you have hired a professional roofer to come to your home during fair weather to install new shingles on your home, there are some tasks you can complete on your own to prepare your yard and home exterior for the work. During a home re-roofing project, there will be a great deal of debris that can scatter around your yard and in its landscaping, especially if you are planning to remove your old shingles first.

During with the roof removal, there will be a large amount of roof fasteners that are removed along with the old shingles. Depending on the area you live in and the type of weather and wind speeds, there can be anywhere from four to six nails in each shingle. This can amount to a large amount of fasteners scattered through your yard, which can puncture your tires and cause injury if you step on them.

Plan to lay down tarps to cover areas of vegetation, such as bushes, lawn, and landscaping plants, so when the roofers begin their work the tarps can catch a majority of the debris. Place plywood over your outdoor air conditioner to protect it from debris. Then, to help with clean-up after your roof has been replaced, you can buy a magnetic broom to collect the smallest metal fasteners throughout your yard.

Consider the Removal

If you need to replace your roof but you are looking to save some money on the project, talk to your roofer about doing the removal labor yourself. If you have the skills and knowledge or help from friends who can do roof removal, you can scrape off the old shingles and roofing felt to prepare it for new shingles.

Be sure you rent a roll-off dumpster to collect the roofing debris, and wear appropriate rubber-soled shoes and safety equipment or a roof harness or jacks to ensure you don't fall from your roof. You can find safety equipment at a local home improvement or roofing store. But make sure you do the removal just before your roofer is set to install your new roof, which minimizes the chance of your bare roof getting rained upon.