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Learning All About Painting Your Home

Comparing Wooden And Vinyl Siding

by Terry Fernandez

The siding of your home is one of the most important surfaces on the exterior of your home, as not only does it provide a necessary insulative barrier against the exterior elements, but it also builds the outside aesthetic of your property. There is a range of building materials that can be used as siding to effectively meet both the practical and aesthetic needs of your home, and the two most common materials are by far vinyl and wood. Understanding the significant differences between these two types of siding materials can help you choose the one that is the best fit for your needs.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is an extremely common option for siding installed on residential homes because of its low price point, making it ideal for homeowners who are under a tight budget or who need to cover a large space. Further, vinyl is very low-maintenance, requiring nothing more than a regular pressure washing to keep it looking as good as new. This is because vinyl is immune to warping and rotting due to water exposure, and also won't be susceptible to pest infestations.

However, vinyl siding is particularly brittle, which makes it prone to damage in the event that it gets hit by debris during a storm, undermining its applicability in tropical and other storm-prone areas. Vinyl siding is also susceptible to heat damage: while this isn't too much of a concern when it comes to hot climates, it does mean that you have to be careful if you are grilling near the side of your home, as you could cause your siding to melt or discolor.

Wood Siding

Siding that is made out of wood is a timeless classic, particularly due to its natural and rustic aesthetic. This can help boost the curb appeal of your home, which is a major consideration if you are thinking about selling your home at any point in the future. Wood siding is also more physically durable than vinyl is and thus is able to withstand more physical trauma without cracking.

Wood siding does have a few downsides. Notably, it is susceptible to pest infestations and requires near-constant maintenance and care to ensure that it does not become damaged due to weather and water exposure, which means constant painting and staining to seal it against the elements. Further, wooden siding can be quite expensive depending on the type of wood chosen, which can make it harder to fit into a budget.

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