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Learning All About Painting Your Home

Are You Surprising Your Elderly Parents With A Backyard Makeover? 3 Fun Ways To Incorporate Arbors Into Your Plans

by Terry Fernandez

Now that you're older, you love to pamper the people who gave you such a great start in life. While you know that they are happy with just a visit, you want to do something bigger than they ever imagined. When your parents love the outdoors, transforming their backyard into a beautiful oasis gives them a reason to get outside and soak up the sunshine. As you make your plans, consider using these ideas for using arbors to create a dramatic impression.

Define Different Areas in the Garden

People often use archways to define entrances to the garden or backyard area, yet you can take this concept one step further by using multiple ones to divide the landscape into specific areas. For example, you could place an arbor at the entrance to your father's vegetable garden, and put another one near the flower area. This idea works great in larger yards that allow you to create little walkways from one space to another. Once you have it set up, going on a trek into the backyard feels like an adventure.

Put a Unique Spin on Covered Patios

Whether your parents love to sip on their morning coffee outside or host large family gatherings, their patio or deck is likely a hot spot for many of their favorite activities. Unfortunately, an uncovered patio can become hot when the sun bears down, yet your parents may be hesitant to add a complete cover that fully blocks out the sun's rays. Arbors offer the perfect middle ground, and you can choose one that fits your parent's favorite outdoor entertainment area. Then, they can enjoy light covering as they relax and entertain their loved one's and the unexpected feature shows off their sense of style.

Enhance Benches and Resting Areas

Although arches are great for defining walkways, you should also consider the beauty that they offer to resting areas. If you plan to grow beautiful flowers along the sides and top of the arbor, then consider placing a bench beneath it where your parents can sit and soak up the beauty. This idea works well if you place it in the center of the main garden area, but you could also place the relaxation oasis near other features such as a water fountain for maximum impact.

Your decision to spruce up your parent's backyard gives you a chance to show off your creativity while giving them something back for all of their hard work over the years. Now that you know how to add some fun elements to their backyard space, you can put your plans into action and surprise your family with your hard work.