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Learning All About Painting Your Home

4 Roof And Siding Inspection Tips To Ensure Repairs Prevent Water And Structural Damage

by Terry Fernandez

The roof of your home is vulnerable to all sorts of damage, from wind to average wear. Leaks and repairs should be addressed as soon as they are noticed to avoid serious problems such as mold and structural damage. Siding is something that you will also want to lookout for damage when doing routine inspections. Siding leaks near the roof are common, as well as areas around windows or where there are breaks in the materials. Inspecting your roof will ensure that you catch problems in time to have repairs done quickly. Here are some tips to help with roof and siding inspections to ensure the needed repairs get done:

1. Identifying the Small Leaks and Punctures That Need Patching

Many of the roof problems that because serious damage starts off as small punctures and leaks. The problem may be something as small as a nail and small hole that can be patched with cement. Small leaks can also be caused by tears, loose shingles and wear of roofing materials. Start inside your home looking for signs of these leaks where watermarks can be seen on drywall or rafters in the attic. Find areas that are leaking by looking for wear, bulges in shingles and odd marks on shingles.

2. Locating and Documenting Storm Damage Due to Hail and High Winds

Storm damage is something that needs to be documented if you are going to do an insurance claim to pay for repairs. The damage is going to be obvious if high winds have blown shingles off, but it can be more difficult to spot if the shingles only have tears or pitting from hail. Document the obvious damage with photos and the less conspicuous issues by marking the areas that need to be repaired.

3. The Wear, Tear and Decay of Shingles That May Mean It Is Time for Replacement

The roof of your home is only meant to last for so many years, and when excessive wear and tear cause constant problems, it may be time. Some of the signs that you need a roof replacement include:

  • Curled shingles
  • Loss of granules
  • Decay and fungus growth
  • Widespread severe roof damage

Sometimes, these problems may be isolated, such as a shaded area that has worn faster due to moss and lichen growth. If the problem only effects on section of the roof, then you may be able to just replace shingles in one area. Installing a zinc strip will help prevent the fungus growth that causes rapid decay of shingles.

4. Common Siding Problems to Lookout For When Inspecting Your Home For Damage

In addition to the roof of your home, siding can also be an area where leaks go unnoticed and cause problems like mold and water damage. These issues can lead to serious structural problems if they are not addressed. Some of the common areas where siding leaks include:

  • Improper drip edges above windows
  • Flashing on roofs and around decks
  • Corner boards and butt-joints
  • Breaks in siding with friezes

These are just some of the areas where conventional siding materials may begin to leak. If the damage is caught in time, simple repairs will solve the problem. If the damage is severe, you may need to have the siding removed and a new installation.  

With good inspection, you will find all the problems that need to be repaired on your roof. Contact a siding contractor to help with repairs and improvements to keep the water out of your home due to siding leaks. For more information, contact Clarksville Gutter LLC.