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Learning All About Painting Your Home

Creating A Luxurious Powder Room For Guests

by Terry Fernandez

If you have a half-bath on the main floor of your home, you may want to consider giving it a remodel to create a stunning powder room guests can use when they visit. Here are just a few ideas you can use as you plan your bathroom remodel as you plan your project with your general contractor.

Replace The Medicine Cabinet

You can use the medicine cabinet in your main bathroom for discreetly storing personal items. With a guest powder room, however, there's not as much need for storage, so you can ditch the medicine cabinet and add a beautiful decorative mirror to the wall instead. Consider an oversized mirror above the vanity, or--for a vintage look--opt for an antique mirror instead. Have your contractor run electrical wiring so you can place a wall sconce on each side of the mirror for a beautiful finishing touch.

Upgrade The Vanity

The vanity can be the focal point in a powder room, so consider replacing the current design you have with one that adds a fresh, new look to the room. A wall-mounted vanity creates the illusion of floating on your walls for a more modern appearance. If you are willing to forego any storage space in the vanity, opt for a pedestal sink. A pedestal design might also be a good option if your powder room is extremely small, as it takes up less space in the room.

Privacy Walls

If your powder room has a bit of extra room, you might want to consider adding a privacy wall near the toilet. This can be a half-wall or a full wall, which can help to separate the toilet from the rest of the room. If you don't want to build a wall as part of your remodel, consider hanging a beautiful curtain to separate the toilet area.

Seating Area

One way to give your powder room a more luxurious feel is to add a small seating area. This can be as simple as placing a cozy chair and a small table along one wall of the room. Use the table to arrange lotions, soaps, and other toiletries your guests can use while they visit your home. For a larger room, add a small loveseat and chair, and consider placing a tall table in between that can be used as a changing table for guests who have small children.

Work with your general contractor, someone from a place like Parsa Construction, to create a new powder room you and your guests can truly enjoy.